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Contract Details

Democratic Party candidate to be elected US President in 2012

Democratic Party candidate to be elected US President in 2012

Contract Info 
  • Symbol: US.DEMOCRATIC12
  • Last Trade Price: $1.0000
  • Last Trade Time:
    7 Nov 12 11:00am
  • Today’s Volume: 722
  • Average Daily Volume: 0.0
  • Today’s Change:
    NC (0.00%) 
  • Start Date: 31 Dec 10
  • Close Date: 31 Dec 12
  • Status: Closed

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Long Description

This contract pays $1 if a candidate for the US Democratic Party is elected President of the United States in the 2012 election. Otherwise this contract pays $0.

Judging Criteria 

This contract will close after Election Day once, in iPredict's sole opinion, a result is beyond doubt. iPredict reserves the right to delay closing while any uncertainty is resolved. This contract applies to the first US Presidential election to be held after the launch of this contract, even if that election is not in 2012.

This contract will be closed no later than 3 working days after the Close Date. The Close Date may be extended if the event outcome cannot be determined by that date.