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Contract Details

NZ First not to be in Parliament after next election

NZ First not to be in Parliament after next election

Contract Info 
  • Last Trade Price: $0.0000
  • Last Trade Time:
    2 Oct 14 12:00am
  • Today’s Volume: 0
  • Average Daily Volume: 0.0
  • Today’s Change:
    NC (0.00%) 
  • Start Date: 24 Apr 12
  • Close Date: 1 Jan 15
  • Status: Closed

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Long Description

This contract pays $1 if the NZ First Party is NOT represented in Parliament after the next General Election; otherwise it pays $0.

Judging Criteria 

Next General Election refers to the first General Election after the launch of this contract.

The contract is likely to close on election night but will stay open if there is doubt about the result.

iPredict's judgment is final.

All dates and times are NZT.

This contract will be closed no later than 3 working days after the Close Date. The Close Date may be extended if the event outcome cannot be determined by that date.