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Contract Details

Banks to be ACT Party leader on Nomination Day

Banks to be ACT Party leader on Nomination Day

Contract Info 
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    11 Jul 14 12:00am
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    NC (0.00%) 
  • Start Date: 7 Apr 12
  • Close Date: 10 Nov 14
  • Status: Closed

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Long Description

This contract pays $1 if John Banks is the leader of the ACT Party on Nomination Day for the first General Election following the launch of this contract; otherwise it pays $0

Judging Criteria 

The contract refers the Nomination Day for the first General Election held in New Zealand after 7 April 2012.

"Nomination Day" is the day appointed in the writ for that election as the latest day for the nomination of candidates, and must be publicly notified (see http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1993/0087/latest/DLM309490.html?search=ts_act_electoral_resel).

Note, if the subject of this contract begins Nomination Day as leader of the relevant party but leaves that position on that day, the contract shall pay 50c.

iPredict's judgment is final.

All dates and times are New Zealand time.

This contract will be closed no later than 3 working days after the Close Date. The Close Date may be extended if the event outcome cannot be determined by that date.