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Contract Details

The Civilian Party to Register before next General Election

The Civilian Party to Register before next General Election

Contract Info 
  • Last Trade Price: $1.0000
  • Last Trade Time:
    11 Aug 14 12:00am
  • Today’s Volume: 0
  • Average Daily Volume: 0.0
  • Today’s Change:
    NC (0.00%) 
  • Start Date: 21 Jun 13
  • Close Date: 22 Nov 14
  • Status: Closed

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Long Description

This contract will close at $1 if The Civilian Party successfully registers as a political party with the Electoral Commission before the next general election. Otherwise it closes at $0

Judging Criteria 

Background here

Registration means that the political party is successfully added to the Register of Political Parties, as governed by the rules of Part 4 of the Electoral Act 1993. If the procedures required for Registration in Part 4 of the Electoral Act are changed this contract will follow whatever procedure is necessary for a party to contest the party vote at the next general election.

This contract will close at $0 when the party becomes ineligible to register before the next general election under s64 of the Electoral Act 1993

If The Civilian Party changes it's name prior to registration this contract will follow the renamed party. If there is any doubt as to whether the renamed political party is The Civilian Party iPredict will contact the Secretary of the Political Party and/or the Electoral Commission to make a determination.

If the political party definitively announces that it will abandon all attempts to register as a political party before the next general election this contract will close at $0. A failed registration attempt will not cause this contract to close at $0.

It does not matter if the logo pictured in this contract is not the registered logo of the political party.

iPredict's decision is final

This contract will be closed no later than 3 working days after the Close Date. The Close Date may be extended if the event outcome cannot be determined by that date.