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Contract Details

Apple NASDAQ share price to equal or exceed US$650 in 2012

Apple NASDAQ share price to equal or exceed US$650 in 2012

Contract Info 
  • Symbol: AAPL.2012.650
  • Last Trade Price: $1.0000
  • Last Trade Time:
    21 Aug 12 12:00am
  • Today’s Volume: 286
  • Average Daily Volume: 0.0
  • Today’s Change:
    NC (0.00%) 
  • Start Date: 24 Feb 12
  • Close Date: 1 Jan 13
  • Status: Closed

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Long Description

This contract pays $1 if the Apple share price on the NASDAQ equals or exceeds US$650.00 in 2012. Otherwise this contract pays $0.

Judging Criteria 

This contract will be judged based on High in the historical data series here.

In the event of a stock split, iPredict will adjust the share price by dividing by the split ratio so as to back out the effect of the stock split on the share price.

This contract will immediately close if the specified share price is reached, or after the close of the last day of trading on the NASDAQ in 2012, whichever occurs first.

This contract is not affected by values reported in error and iPredict reserves the right to delay close should error be suspected. Only share prices reported after the launch of this contract affect this contract. Dates and times US Eastern Standard Time.

Image sourced from Wiki Commons.

This contract will be closed no later than 3 working days after the Close Date. The Close Date may be extended if the event outcome cannot be determined by that date.